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(Belated!) Amorgos Days 5-7

Ok so it’s super late but here’s a blog post from last week, over the end of last week and the weekend i’ve been following Yperia 2014 with the Aegialis Hotel, all revealed below!

Last tuesday was spent recovering from the 10km rain-soaked hike, and updating the website a little, new editorials up now!

Wednesday morning I met with the team of the Amorgos Island Magazine… Exciting things in planning! It was a beauuutiful day, it almost felt like summer, so I did go for a swim in the sea, certainly colder than usual but fresh and lovely to be out for an hour! I was the only one though, most of the locals think I’m mad now (more than they did already for me being here so early in the year!)

Thursday afternoon, I caught up with the owners of the Aegialis Hotel, close family friends that we’ve known since before the hotel was even built! Tomorrow is the start of Yperia 2014, which I’ll photograph. Yperia is a convention that has been held in Amorgos annually since 2003, and focuses on ‘Sustainable Tourism, for Preservation and Protection of the Natural and Cultural Heritage of Amorgos’. Over four days visitors will attend talks, a film festival, and a wide range of traditional areas and trades of Amorgos including monasteries, historical sites and production of agriculture and art. This is a very important event for the island with many local people being involved, and it’s alsoideal for my project, to help the island by recording this big event, and making more contacts for further shoots in the coming weeks.

Watch this space!








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Amorgos Days 3+4

Thunder storms and moody weather, this definitely isn’t the same place as it is in the summer! A different character and more life, perfect.

Sunday night was fun, seeing more friends and staying out late, seeing the streets flood with water with the arrival of a thunder storm; I’ve never seen lighting so close and so frequent!

Monday: finally took my first hike of the trip, from the port of Aigiali, up to Tholaria, around to Langada on the other side of the bay and back down. Also got caught in another storm, got absolutely soaked, I think I’m still trying to warm up after that!

 I also caught up with an old friend who has honey bees, as well as another guy who can help me with access to fishing boats, hopefully shooting one or the other before the end of the week! A lot of people don’t realise the preparations a documentary project needs. It’s not as simple as turning up and taking photos. Itineraries, weather, connections, permissions, time! Everything has to fall in to place… something that’s evolving here! I’ve also ordered another lens, a 35mm. The 24mm is nice but I’m more used to 35 which is what I have on the OM-D and is the equivalent to the iPhone’s lens. Better to have all options than regret taking the wrong kit!

All current photos are on instagram, more added there every day

mearakallista-blog-amorgos2-1 mearakallista-blog-amorgos2-2 mearakallista-blog-amorgos2-3 mearakallista-blog-amorgos2-4 mearakallista-blog-amorgos2-5 mearakallista-blog-amorgos2-6

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Amorgos Days 1+2

Sunshine, walks, old friends and coffee. Perfection.

Settling back to a routine and seeing who’s around to take photos with, it’s going to take a few days to establish who is fishing and when, who’s taking care of the bees, who I can get portraits of, etc.

Saturdays with no power until 2pm and a painfully slow wifi connection really make you appreciate electricity and fast internet!

mearakallista-blog-amorgos1-1 mearakallista-blog-amorgos1-2 mearakallista-blog-amorgos1-3

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The adventure continues..

No more strikes means bye bye Athens!



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