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Amorgos Daze

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Amorgos – Take 2/2014

So… Here I am again in Amorgos, for the second time this year.

I’ve now graduated from Ravensbourne with First Class Honours, and am planning what to do with the next year. I’ve got a few things lined up, but don’t want to jinx anything before it’s confirmed!!

The olive picking season comes up here on the island at the end of October, so there might even be a third trip this year to make a portrait series of the people involved!

After 21 years visiting the island I’ve also finally done myself an injury… 3 stitches in my chin after a sea dive gone wrong! So with this and news of my Degree I’m still reeling

I can feel my soul resting here. The mountain air full of herbs and wild sea, I need this place.

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24 hours in Athens, now to my island, Amorgos forever

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Premier Model Management


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